Pick the Experienced Solar Installer

Chilicon Solar Inverters

There are many factors in choosing a solar electric system for your home or business. The most common quoted factor is the price. However, prices can be deceiving if we just look at the bottom line. A system that has the lowest price may not give you the best bang for your buck. Inferior products, […]

Basic Electrical Principles the Cornerstone of Solar Power

Principles of Electricity

Basic Electrical Principles the Cornerstone of Solar Power In today’s world, it is becoming important to understand basic electrical principles. As complex as they are, cell phones, computers, and lights all use the same basic principles. But what are these principles? Charge, Makes Solar Electricity Move It all begins with atoms. There are three basic […]

Your Solar Panel Installation Starts with the Electric Bill

National Grid Electric Bill

We often get asked how much it will cost to install solar panels on a home. It’s dumbfounding to answer that with an “I don’t know”. After all, we are the solar professionals. We should have that answers   There is only one correct method of estimating the cost of your solar panel system. It […]

Solar Inverters the Backbone of Every Solar Panel Installation

Solar Inverters

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. This also rings true when it comes to solar panel installations. What are the links to a solar panel installation chain? Inverters, solar panels, and optional battery banks, comprise a normal solar panel installation. The most important of these parts is the inverter. But, what […]

Residential Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Installation

If you’ve ever considered installing solar panels on your home?  Have you asked yourself, how solar power works?. It may seem complex, but the truth is, it’s quite simple. Solar panels starts with silicon ingots or solar wafers, the primary component in solar panels. There are two main types of wafers, p-type and n-type. The […]