Solar Inverters the Backbone of Every Solar Panel Installation

Solar Inverters
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Solar Inverters
Failed solar inverters that have been replaced.

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. This also rings true when it comes to solar panel installations. What are the links to a solar panel installation chain? Inverters, solar panels, and optional battery banks, comprise a normal solar panel installation. The most important of these parts is the inverter. But, what exactly does an inverters do?

Solar panel Inverters are responsible for converting DC energy to AC. Solar panels produce direct current (DC) energy. Conversely, your home runs on alternating current (AC). Solar Inverters performing a DC/AC conversion allows your home to use energy from solar panels. In my experience, solar inverters are the most common point of failure in a system.

Defective inverters can often take a systems solar panels offline until they a. A broken system might not even be detected until you receive your next electricity bill! If unnoticed, this may cause you to lose out on hundreds in energy savings. Fortunately, Ecovis only uses solar inverters with advanced monitoring solutions for residential solar panel installations. In the event of an inverter failure you can be instantly notified.

Fixing broken inverters can also be quite costly. They often require a team of two or more solar professionals to fix. Troubleshooting is a time-consuming process and may involve hours/days of work. Most companies do not charge for this service during their warranty period.

The early failure of a solar inverter is very costly to solar installation companies.  The additional labor cost to repair or replace failed solar inverters drives installation costs higher.  Solar installation companies work on very small margins and dependable inverters are crucial for their financial success.

At Ecovis, we strive to provide our customers with the highest quality solar inverters. Since we began installing systems in 2003, we have kept up with the cutting edge of solar technology. This helps keep your system functioning at its maximum potential.


Choosing the right solar inverter is important.   This is why we offer Chilicon solar inverters.  Chilicon is a California based company that designs, test, and manufactures high quality solar inverters in the USA.  We chose this company because they use an advanced silicon carbide material that dissipates heat quickly and reduces the damage that heat can cause on the electronics.

Chilicon solar inverters do not use electrolytic capacitors that are the largest contributor to solar.

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