Solar Service Agreements

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Residential Solar Prevention Maintenance Services and Extended Warranty

Has the company who installed your solar panels gone out of business? Has your original warranty expired?

We have the solution!
A yearly solar preventive maintenance agreement from Ecovis Solar is the perfect solution. Our maintenance agreements include a one year extended labor warranty.

Keep your solar panels system running for decades.

Included with ever preventive maintenance agreement.
  • Inspect your attic for any wet spots.
  • Inspect all solar panel attachments panels are secure
  • Inspect your panels with thermal imaging to detect micro fractures
  • Inspect electrical panels for hot spots that can deteriorate breakers and wire coating
  • Inspect back of panels for chemical reactions
  • Look for dissimilar metals that cause corrosion
  • Retorque all connections
  • Includes a 1 year warranty.
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Commercial Solar Panel Preventive Maintenance with Extended Warranty

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