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Welcome to Ecovis - formerly Rochester / Syracuse Solar & Wind.
There has
never been a better time to go solar! Break free of rate increases, and save on your electricity bill. Contact us for a solar panel installation quote today!

Reduce / Eliminate Utility Bill

Switching to solar panels can put thousands of dollars back in your pocket every year.

Increase Home Value

Solar panels are an investment that will make your home money over the next 40 to 50 years.

Good for the Environment

A 10kw solar system can remove an estimated 9.3 tons of carbon from the atmosphere.

Financing Options

With affordable, on-bill financing, and generous solar grants from the Federal government, New York State, and NYSERDA (New York State Energy Research & Development), the cost for a residential solar installation is at an all time low, which means a quicker pay back time for you! Once your system is paid off, you could eliminate your electric bill completely.

  • Pay through your utility bill
  • Short-term loans, interest / payment free
  • New York & Federal solar grants and tax credits available

"We wanted to turn our unused roof space into a green roof. Rochester Solar and Wind helped us not only help reduce our carbon foot print but also reduce our operating costs. "

Dan Lukas CEO, MDF Manufacturing
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